Milu Correch

Age 25
Argentinian Street Artist

Street Art in Argentina:
As in any Latin American country, the scene is pretty big and there is a huge amount of muralists with brushes and rollers as main weapons. Painting walls in the street is not illegal and the citizens are usually very fond of wallpainting, so the situation provides the perfect place to experiment big walls in the public space. Themes like popular idols, pagan saints, football teams, political phrases are popular in Argentina. In Argentina there are also a lot of women painting.”

How I started:
I was always interested in painting, but when I was 20 years old I got interested in it as a lifestyle, as a work and as a special interest. I was in a workshop of big format painting for some months and after that I just practised. I painted in the streets non stop.”

My style:
I think I’m attracted to the large scale murals because of their potential as huge imposed images. My ideal is a city with huge images that don’t sell anything. I also paint canvas and drawings.”

My themes:
I get bored easily so I change the themes quite a lot. I paint in a figurative style with a brush and a roller. One of my main objectives is to invite the spectator to play a game and imagine the story behind the painting.”

The map shows you Milu’s Corners. Click on a place to read what Milu has to say about it.

Text: Karoliina Saarnikko
Photos: Miikka Pirinen