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Street Art Map above shows you the select choices of the street ark works in Helsinki. Make your own route and visit them all!

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My Corners – Stories about Street Art

The My Corners feature introduces 12 graffiti makers, mural painters, Helsinkians, and street art enthusiasts . They share their stories on street art and about their favourite places. Take your pick and and enjoy the best of Helsinki Street Art.

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Samuli Turunen (KISS), Graffiti Artist and Graffiti Finnish Champion 2016

Paavo Arhinmäki, Member of Parliament and Member of the City Council of Helsinki

Marja Heinonen, Visual Artist and Graffiti Artist who is part of the senior graffiti group

Jukka Metsäaho, Graffiti and Street Artist, directs music videos, commercials, and documents

EGS, Graffiti Artist

Jenny Suihko, Graffiti Artist

Milu Correch, Argentinian Street Artist

JR & EORE, Graffiti Couple

Lissu Kaivolehto, photographs graffitis and changes in the environment in her neighborhood

David Popa, a muralist, born in New York, currently living in Helsinki

Jaakko Blomberg, an Urban Activist and Producer at Helsinki Urban Art

Ville Nordström, participates in Youth Activity Center Happi’s street art and graffiti projects, taking photos and videos


Street Art Helsinki is the result of cooperation between citizens, groups, organizations, businesses and the City of Helsinki.